Firewalls, your first line of defence

Firewalls are described as the bouncer that keeps your devices, networks, and databases secure from any threat. Network security is a key part in protecting internet connected devices from being attacked by cyber threats. Firewalls are the first line of defence against malicious threats.

Firewalls can be either a software that is installed and activated on devices, or it is hardware in the shape of a router. Firewalls monitor the access to all devices that it is connected to. They monitor the traffic flow based on established security policies. They act as the wall between internal and external network traffic to allow non-threatening traffic into the network to prevent unauthorised access that could lead to damage.

Firewalls exam and filter the information that is coming in from your internet, and they monitor and scan it to see if it is malicious or an attacker trying to gain access to your device or network. These firewalls will block the traffic before any damage is caused.

Software firewalls protect your device even if you move to another physical place. They block applications that are unsafe and allow for safe printer sharing setups. The software firewalls are dedicated to protecting your single device from being attacked by malicious software or a cyber-threat.

Hardware firewalls are only necessary when more than one device has to be protected. It is important for businesses to invest in hardware firewalls to protect their brand reputation and devices. This form of firewalls allows you to filter access to all connected devices through one piece of equipment.

Firewalls provide essential protection to internet connected devices, because the more devices connected without cyber protection, the greater the risk. It is essential to implement innovative cyber security such s firewalls to minimize the changes and effects of cyber-attacks.

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