Proactive vulnerability analysis for advanced cyber protection.

Devices, databases, servers, and businesses are all vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Hackers try daily to gain access to sensitive and private information. Vulnerability analysis is a method to proactively detect and prevent cyber-attacks.

Vulnerability analysis or vulnerability assessments are systematic reviews of security weaknesses within the digital aspect of an organization. Each analysis evaluates the whole system within an organization to discover any known vulnerabilities and then recommends and implements heightened security levels to them while also recommending mitigation or remediation options to compromised areas.

Give your business the ability to prepare for a cyber-attack before they happen with ongoing vulnerability analysis. Through consistent vulnerability analysis, any new or old vulnerabilities can be discovered and remedied before they lead to infiltrations or attacks.

There are multiple steps that have to be taken to effectively implement a successful vulnerability analysis.

The first step in the vulnerability analysis is the identification of the areas that have to be analysed, this means any device, server, application or digital asset. Cyber security professionals begin the process with evaluating the entire digital system of an organization. They will begin to scan and test all the systems with automated tools or manually, this will identify any weaknesses in the organization’s digital system.

The second step is vulnerability analysis. In this step, they try to identify the source and the root cause of the vulnerabilities that were identified in the first step. They look at each component to find the device or file that caused the vulnerability. By identifying the root cause, they have the ability to remediate the cause and mitigate the threat.

The third step is to complete a risk assessment. Cyber security professional will prioritize the vulnerabilities and create a strategic list that will assist in the remediation of the vulnerability. They prioritize the vulnerabilities based on the systems that are affected, die type of data that is at risk, which business functions are at risk because of the vulnerability. How easy the vulnerability could lead to an attack and how severe it could be, and lastly the potential damage that could result from the vulnerability.

The fourth and last step in a vulnerability assessment/ analysis is the remediation. The main objective of this step is to remediate or mitigate the vulnerabilities and the threats that they could hold. Remediation processes include the implementation and adoption of new security procedures and tools to mitigate any vulnerabilities, the updating of outdated software solutions that influence operations and lastly to develop and implement vulnerability patches to the affected areas.

Vulnerability analysis is a proactive and continuous process that organizations have to implement. Having a trusted cyber security partner will ensure the implementation and enforcement of regular vulnerability analysis to ensure continuous protection.

Secured Enterprise offers any organization the ability to perform proactive vulnerability analysis on a scheduled basis for advanced threat protection. We prioritize protecting you from cyber-crime, as your privacy is our priority. Through accurate cyber threat intelligence, we can proactively prevent cyber-attacks through the use of vulnerability analysis.

Our cyber security solutions include automated updates, upgrades, and patch implementations to minimize vulnerabilities before they become bigger threats. Comprehensive cyber security solutions that are managed and monitored on a 24/7 basis for advanced threat prevention.

Our website offers a free risk assessment that allows you to discover how vulnerable your digital software is. Be cyber smart and proactively discover vulnerabilities before they become bigger and more advanced threat.