Smart Tips For Secure File Downloads

Downloading files, applications and different software is a part of day to day operations for businesses and individuals. It is important to stay vigilant when downloading files onto any device. Malware and hackers eagerly await a loophole or weak point to gain access to any device. Understanding the importance of being cyber smart while downloading files ensures that devices are protected and malware is avoided. Keep your devices protected with these file downloading tips.

  1. Install trusted cyber security tools:

The use of trusted cyber security tools such as anti-virus and firewalls offer users the ability to have complete online protection. Anti-virus and firewalls are the first line of defence against malware and hackers trying to get access to any device. These software solutions ensure that all files and applications are scanned on a regular basis. Using the latest version of web browsers ensure that patch management is completed to protect your device.  

2. Download from trusted sources:

Downloading from untrustworthy or dangerous websites could cause problems. Dangerous websites with free applications, software, or files could endanger your device as hackers could encrypt viruses and malware into the code. Downloading applications from trusted stores and websites ensure that you get the real application as well as have the peace of mind that the application is not encrypted with any viruses. 

3. Go to the file source:

Hackers send false links that are full or viruses to any person. It is important to not just click on any link, but to follow the source to find the real document. Accessing trusted websites and companies ensure that the documents that are opened and downloaded are secure. Going to the file source guarantees that you access secure information that has no malware encrypted into it. 

4. Complete file scan:

Downloading and opening files is not the best move to make. It is essential to scan each document that you want to open. By scanning the files, your device is protected from malware filled code. Protect your device and files with real-time file scanning. Content scanning ensures that websites are scanned and blocked to prevent any damage to devices.

5.Avoid downloading any files:

It is not always necessary to download files. Accessing online information without downloads minimises your risk of downloading malware onto your device. Prevent files from reaching your desktop with online or in-browser readers. These readers ensure that unnecessary information is not downloaded and to save your device storage in the long run.

It is important to be vigilant when downloading files, applications, and software onto any device. Partnering with Secured Enterprise offers businesses the ability to enhance their protection against malware and dangerous file downloads.

Secured Enterprise offers businesses with robust firewalls and antivirus solutions that have automatic and scheduled scanning to ensure devices have complete protection even when users work from home. Protect your users when they are online with comprehensive protection.

Our innovative and secure content inspection ensures that malicious websites are blocked and that unnecessary downloads are prevented. Protect your users and devices from unauthorised content with complete content inspection that includes the scanning of emails.

Complete device and file scans ensure that your device is protected from malware and malicious content. Do your part and be cyber smart when it comes to downloading files. The internet offers vast resources, staying vigilant ensures that accurate and secure files are downloaded. With a trusted cyber security partner, the weeding of dangerous websites and content is easy with managed and automated software. Protect your business today with Secured Enterprise.