Secured Enterprise Privacy Policy

1. Securing Your Data

Thank you for taking the time to review our Privacy Policy. At times, Secured Enterprise will collect certain personal information about customers and visitors to websites hosted by us. Such information will include both identifiable personal data, as well as non-identifiable personal data.

Identifiable personal information will be collected when you sign a contract for service with us, or use our website for a transaction or subscription service. Non-identifiable information is gathered automatically when you visit our website or those websites hosted by us, and stored for use in our system.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain to customers what types of information we will collect and how that information is used. In most cases, we collect this information to ensure network integrity and that we continue to provide you with the most relevant content and best possible service that suits your needs. In some cases, we are required by law to collect personal information about customers. Except where the law requires otherwise, we undertake to protect the confidentiality of such data.

At Secured Enterprise, safeguarding your privacy and personal data is paramount. We want you to trust that your information is secure when you engage with us. The following sections will delve into how Secured Enterprise manages your personal data.


2. Our Commitment to Customer Privacy

Secured Enterprise respects customer privacy and the privacy of those accessing our website, or those websites hosted by us. We undertake to protect the confidentiality of our customers and users including all personal information supplied in the course of contracting with us for services. We undertake not to sell your personal information to third parties for commercial or marketing purposes.


3. Our Data Management Practices

Secured Enterprise gathers personal data from users in various ways: when you visit a website hosted by us, apply for a service subscription, or engage with customer questionnaires using cookie technology.

Additionally, we may merge information about you with data from our business partners or affiliates. A cookie, a data file stored on your computer’s hard drive, is utilized for this purpose. It is generated by a remote web server you’ve visited, using browsers like Netscape or Internet Explorer. Cookies uniquely identify you during web interactions, containing parameters allowing the server to track your actions on the site. While you can disable cookies in your browser, this may limit access to certain websites.

Secured Enterprise may occasionally use your personal information for promotional offers, service-related notifications and feedback requests. You’ll always have the option to opt out of such communications or contact our customer service team. We collect and share gathered user data with partners for content development and relevant advertising, ensuring individual user anonymity.

Information like visited websites and IP addresses is logged for system administration and reporting purposes, maintaining user anonymity. Any information obtained through correspondence will only be used to address specific queries or concerns, with confidentiality maintained.


4. Public spaces and Third-Party Linking

Information shared by customers in public spaces, such as bulletin boards, chat rooms or third-party sites hosted by Secured Enterprise, is accessible to all visitors. Secured Enterprise cannot guarantee the protection of any disclosed information in these spaces.

Secured Enterprise’s website features numerous links to third-party sites not affiliated with us. We are not liable for any use of your personal information resulting from disclosures on these third-party sites. We advise reviewing the privacy policies of any sites you visit, as Secured Enterprise cannot ensure the protection of information disclosed on them.


5. Our Minors’ Consent Policy

Secured Enterprise will not enter into a service subscription contract with a minor unless such minor has explicit written consent from a parent or guardian to do so. Secured Enterprise undertakes not to contact minors about promotional offers or for marketing purposes without a parental consent.


6. Our Privacy Policy Terms

Secured Enterprise maintains the right to disclose customer information when legally required, in good faith, or to protect our legal interests. Additionally, we reserve the right to collaborate with law enforcement to investigate or prevent illegal activities on our network.

Your explicit written consent permits us to share your personal information. We also reserve the right to monitor user and network traffic for security purposes and to safeguard our site against unauthorized access or damage.

This privacy policy is subject to updates, with major changes communicated via email or website notice. It is the responsibility of customers and visitors to stay informed about any modifications.