The Key Differences Of Black And White Hat Hackers

Hackers plague businesses on a daily basis. Some hackers try to filter information from companies and others are there to protect the business. It is important to know the difference between the types of hackers and the type of hacking they perform and the effect on businesses. Discover how hackers can either protect or harm your business by knowing the key differences.

Black hat hackers are individuals or groups that hack organisations to exploit information or gain financial incentives. These hackers are skilled criminals that aim their attacks to certain companies. They choose their targets for the gain that they will personally receive. Black hat hackers distribute malicious software to organisations or individuals, this software damages or steals information that they use to exploit individuals.

Black hat hacking occur on a global basis and cybercriminals try to take advantage of multiple people. These hackers are out for malicious intent that either exposes corporations, individual information or for financial gain with ransomware.

White hat hackers are often called ethical or good hackers. They use their skills for good to help companies uncover any vulnerabilities in their security solutions. They assist businesses to minimise their downtime with regular penetration testing and implementing different hacking techniques to ensure that complete protection is assured.

White hat hacker have a main focus and that is to find vulnerabilities within any system, as well as assessing the risk possibilities within those systems. This form of hacking offers businesses the opportunity to enhance their cyber security systems to ensure complete protection. White hat hackers utilise social engineering, research, programming and penetration testing as tools to uncover any vulnerabilities.

The main difference between black hat and white hat hackers is the motivation. Black hat hackers use their skills for malicious intent, and use illegal paths to gain access and that offer them personal gain, whereas white hat hackers use their skills to help organisations to discover vulnerabilities that could cause damage. White hat hackers find vulnerabilities that organisations can deploy patches to prevent black hat hackers from gaining access.

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