The Rise Of Bots And Your Cyber Security Risks

Automation is a saving grace for streamlining mundane tasks. Bots assist with repeated and simple tasks that have to be performed quickly. Bots can be useful, but if misused, they cause great risks and cyber threats. Majority cyberattacks are only effective when the attacker has the ability to repeat certain actions a number of times, here bots become a useful tool to use.

Bots are automated programs that have the ability to perform tasks repeatedly. Simple and repetitive tasks that have to be performed on a quick and automated basis. Bots are otherwise referred to internet bots, and they perform crucial tasks on a daily basis. Bots are used to crawl and index new websites on search engines for optimal search capabilities to drive clicks to even small websites.   

Bots on a network can communicate with one another and create a botnet. These botnet handle tasks that are too large for one bot. Botnets consist of a network of computers that are all programmed to performed similar and repetitive tasks together.

Bots can be programmed for malicious usage to exploit users and other devices. Malicious bots are used by attacks to have the ability to increase the scale and damage of their attack on an organisation. The usage of bots decreased the overhead costs of attackers, meaning they can leverage their current storage and computing power to launch an attack. Malicious bots can be used to administer SQL injections to find websites that are vulnerable and valuable information can be extracted. Automating SQL injections into multiple websites expands the access and reach of any attacker in a limited time span.

Bot attacks occur when cyber attackers automate certain web requests that defraud, manipulate or even disrupts a website, API, end-users or applications. These attacks have a spamming effect on operations, but they become more complex and cause havoc on devices and users.

Cyber attackers have branched their bots to become malicious by programming them to infect end-users with malware. Once malware has been infected into a user’s device, that device will start to slow down. Infected devices can become part of a botnet, that way the processing power is pushed back to the attacker to help them launch bigger attacks on other organisations.

Bots can help end-users or cause havoc on them. It is essential to protect all devices, applications, API’s and end-users from malicious bots. Protecting your business from bot-kits or botnets is a tedious and consistent task. Have the ability to protect your website and forms from being abused through consistent submissions or SQL injections with a trusted cyber security provider.

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